Specialist Services

RCL’s highly technical in-house engineers and high specification quality management systems enable RCL to design, develop and deliver  specialist projects that require an extremely high quality of workmanship and tolerance to create clinical environments for clients that they can rely on. This speciality allows us to work for various technology industries on a variety of disciplines which include:

  1. New data centres housing critical data cabinets storing billions of confidential information for  their clients, who are entirely reliant on an uninterrupted supply to manage and run their businesses
  2. Automotive industry advanced test cells allowing the development of new cutting edge technologies to be included in vehicles across the world
  3. The latest state of the art medical installations which house the latest advanced  technology of MRI machines, CT scanners and  robotic x-ray systems. RCL are able to give clients the peace of mind that there exact specifications and requirements are being constructed the  highest of standards that they and their equipment require to work efficiently and successfully.